Chad Wehner, owner of K-lawn of Colorado Springs, was born in Colorado Springs in 1971 at St. Francis Hospital. He has been a lifelong Colorado Springs resident and has seen many changes throughout the years.

Hired on as a local lawn care laborer at the age of 15, being on the move and the physicality of the job kept him interested and intrigued about the business. At the age of 18, he decided to start his own lawn care company called Chad’s Well-Groomed Lawn Care. He married Tara, a school friend since 8th grade, in 1996. In order to capture the commercial market, Chad’s Well-Groomed Lawn Care was renamed Well-Groomed Ground Maintenance. The couple worked hard to grow and cultivate this business. In 2007, K-Lawn of Colorado Springs was purchased. A fertilization, turf, and tree care business, they ran K-Lawn of Colorado Springs as a sister company until 2013 when an opportunity to sell Well-Groomed Ground Maintenance presented itself. At a time when their family was quickly growing, Chad and Tara knew this was a good decision and sold Well-Groomed. K-Lawn of Colorado Springs was now their sole business.
After 25 years in business, Chad’s vast knowledge and experience continues to bring the best quality residential and landscaping maintenance to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Vision: To create healthy, green, neighborhood environments.
Mission: To provide professional personnel and products to homeowners and communities.
Purpose: So people can fully enjoy the landscape environments they live and work in.
Strategy: To have effective and efficient processes at competitive prices.
Values: We believe in being honest, on time, and on task. Be the solution!