Fall Sprinkler Drainage Procedure

  1. Close valve A
  2. Open valve B (use a bucket to collect drainage)
  3. Open valves C (usually requires flat head screw driver)
  4. DO NOT adjust valve(s) D
  5. Start controller and allow system to run through a complete cycle. No heads will come up during this cycle.
  6. Turn the controller to “OFF” at the completion of the watering cycle.


Spring Sprinkler Start-Up Procedure

  1. Close valve B
  2. Close valve C (usually requires flat head screw driver)
  3. Do not adjust valve(s) D
  4. Open valve A
  5. Be sure to replace the batter in your controller if required. If your controller was left plugged in over the winter your fall watering schedule should remain intact. If your controller was unplugged refer to the manual or the manufacturers website for programming instructions